Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?

Awesome! Thanks a lot for this info. I know it’s probably really simpleton stuff to most peeps around here, but I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

i have the same thing pop up. how do you correct this?

You ha e to install it as a device, not an app.

can someone please go over the steps to reset the Hue bulb with the Lutron remote?

I tried to reset and after it blinks, I am still unable to discover the bulb with ST APP ( I go to connect new device under things section frm marketplace and wait to find it but device is nt discovered)-this is the direct connect method to ST hub that I am trying to do. Thank yu

can someone please walk me through the steps to disconnect the bulbs from the hue bridge and connect them t the ST hub directly? I have 12 bulbs that have been useless since the Hue bridge decided to get disconnected from the ST hub and I am unable to reconnect
I purchased the Lutron remote and yet unable to connect to the ST HUb. Please help thank you guys

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I’m contemplating picking up a couple Hue A19s but am still uncertain how the setup will go with my STv2 hub… I’m assuming the same issue exists where if you link to the ST hub, the bulbs will be unrecoverable other than by using that Lutron dimmer to reset them?

If I just buy a couple Hue A19 bulbs (not part of any kit, etc) do I need to do anything special before attempting to set them up on the ST bridge? Sounds like I need to use the device handler mentioned somewhere up the thread previously to get things going with these?

We’ve done a lot of work recently to improve the Hue integration via the Bridge, and we continue to recommend pairing your Hue bulbs to SmartThings via the Hue Bridge. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with the Hue App that you can’t do via SmartThings, so it’d be a shame to lose out on all of that!

It works pretty well. Thanks for the great job!

Can you name a few of those things that I would be losing out on if I did NOT use the official Hue app? I know the network detaching problem but that only seems like a small annoyance.

For me, the most important aspect would be interoperability, and I’m ready to develop code for the smart bits. From reading this forum, it looks like going with the Hue bridge would mean that my Hue bulbs wouldn’t mesh with other ZHA/ZLL devices, which is a great downside.

I’m still planning to buy bulbs, and I’m having second thoughts. Is this Philips’ fault that we have the aforementioned limitations? Do other ZLL bulbs work better with SmartThings than Hue? Or is it a problem with ZLL in general and I should look for ZHA bulbs instead?

I’ve been running my HUE RGBw bulb for about 4 months connected straight to ST, never had a single problem. (Well the SmartThing firmware upgrade 16.9 took out my zigbee network which orphaned my bulb but that’s another story.) Anyways, took 10 minutes to connect and the default ST handler worked just fine. I have full control via my ST app. Alexa only gives me brightness but Google Home even handles color changes for me. My opinion, don’t waste $60 on a bridge. I have all the bells and whistles I require with this setup. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


I ended up buying a Hue Bridge and not the ST hub. Even the Hue Bridge will not be perfect, but at least it was very cheap with a kit. The Hue app has a super low rating on the Play Store (2.7). The reason I chose the bridge is because I figured it will be useful for firmware updates, resets and experimentation. The reason I did not choose ST is because of its cloud philosophy. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that turning my lights on in my own house needs a roundtrip to the cloud. (Even though I know they’re working on some kind of limited offline mode.) The Hue Bridge doesn’t need internet, it exposes a nice API on the LAN and that’s perfect.

what code are you using to connect direct?

I connected it as a zigbee bulb, any zigbee bulb, then went into the IDE and changed it. I forgot whether I changed it to a Hue bulb or ZLL RGBW Bulb, (the later I think). I can’t go look because I removed it when the ST 16.9 upgrade killed my zigbee network and orphaned all my bulbs. I’m waiting on my Philips remote to arrive so I can go reset it. Once I do I’ll be certain to post the process. You’ll be happy with the direct connect. I can’t think of a single thing I wasn’t able to do. It was fully automated and incorporated into 8 different scripts. WARNING: The ST documentation says to remove and re-add the hue bulb. . . DON’T DO IT!! It can’t be re-added without a tool to reset it.

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Here is the DTH I am using for my Hue RGBW bulb.

I can’t see an option to add a zigbee bulb, only shows HUE, LIFX x 2 and WeMo. How do i add as Zigbee, and is there a new device handler required. i’m very new to this game. thanks in advance.

@James_Norris - - I just noticed things changed dramatically with that last update. I don’t fully remember how I did it in the previous app. It looks like your only option now is “Add a Thing” … then afterwards go into the IDE and change your device-type handler for the “Unknown” device. Be sure to let me/us know if that worked for you. (I’ll be re-adding mine once I get it factory-reset.) IDE ->

I’m fairly new here and have been searching for quite a while to find a way to directly connect a white-only Hue bulb to my ST hub (without a Hue bridge).

Can someone please post a step by step guide (from beginning to end) on how I can get this set up properly?

The ST app won’t allow me to add the Thing without pairing with a Hue bridge first. Additionally, I’m not quite sure I’ve found the correct device handler for a white-only bulb. Furthermore, I’m not entirely sure I fully understand how to correctly apply the device handler to the bulb (once I can first get ST to recognize the bulb and add it to my devices).

Any help/insight that can be offered will be greatly appreciated!

I have mine directly connected. Follow these steps, also this won’t work if the hue white’s were already paired to a hue bridge before, in which case you need to reset them (you need a switch/remote by Lutron. Not sure exactly which one by @JDRoberts can help ).

Part 1

  1. go to
  2. Login, then click on My Locations, then your hub name, now Login again. (THIS IS REQUIRED)
  3. Go to My Device Handlers
  4. Click on Create New Device Handler, then select from code
  5. Copy and paste the following Device Handler: Philips Hue Lux Device?
  6. Click Create
  7. Click Publish and publish it

Part 2

  1. With the switch turned off (and make sure it is not a dimmer, if it’s a dimmer you will fry the bulb) screw in the light bulb to a lamp or something similar closeby the hub.
  2. In your SmartThings App, go to Things and select Add a New thing and let it start searching.
  3. Turn on the lamp so the light bulb turns on.
  4. In a few mins the device should show up in the app, configure it and you are done.

In the US, the $24 Lutron “connected bulb remote” ( but not the similar looking Lutron “pico remote”) can reset a Hue bulb to factory specs regardless of the zigbee channel that your SmartThings hub is on.

If you’re in the UK, or you want more details about why this works, see the following thread:

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m making progress, but still seem to have an issue:

I set up the handler as instructed. I was able to get my ST hub to find the bulb. It configured and appears to show me controls to turn the light on/off and control brightness. However, the bulb is not responding to the controls (i.e., on/off or dimming). The bulb is plugged into a regular, non-dimming socket, and the switch is “on” (i.e., the lightbulb works manually but just not through the ST app).

Any idea how to resolve this?

FYI, the bulb has never been paired with a Hue bridge.