Smartthings no Longer Controlling Nest

After several years of reasonable use, suddenly today SmartThings can’t control my Nest. The temps in my routines are correct, but when a mode change ocurrs the Nest shoots up to 90/90. Hah! Not good in Texas.

If I go to the device, it is all wrong. It says 23 degrees, and has no ability to control. In reality, the Nest is operating at 66/73. I can control it from the Nest app on my iPhone, but not from SmartThings.

Is there an easy way to reconnect?

Thanks for any help.

Search for nest manager. They have done a great job with it and it works flawlessly for me

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If you are in DFW area and need some professional help, then we can help you @rangelsammon

No I don’t want your professional help.

This is a community that provides free help. You should provide help for free, or go elsewhere.

Actually I do. I do help people on the community whenever I can. You can see my previous posts if you wish. There are however some things that can save people from frustration when looked at in detail… I am telling this because I have helped a lot of people … And a lot of times for simple things we dont even charge even though we visit people’s homes. Its good to know however that you dont need any help. Good Luck with your set up.

Hi Ash. Sorry if I misunderstood your intention. I’m glad you help people for free. I hope you continue.

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