Any update on official Nest support?

(Brian Smith) #1

It’s been a bit quiet on this front. It sounded like it was close, but I haven’t seen anything on this in a while,

(Brian Steere) #2

They need to rework the platform to comply with the Nest TOS. Specifically, they need to limit how long they store information.

(Brian Smith) #3

Rut-Roh…that sounds like we are pretty off, then?


Nope. Not far off at all. Days/weeks for that platform change then on to the Nest integration!

(Sticksabuser) #5

Has there been an update on this?

(Jeff Uberstine) #6

Any update on this? @Tyler

(Beckwith) #7

I suspect any announcements will be made at CES January 6-9.

(Jeff Uberstine) #8

We are past CES and nothing. Any update?

(Sticksabuser) #9

This wait has been too long. On my end, I will not be recommending smartthings any longer.

(Marc) #10

Nest still works with community device. What will be your HA of choice then?

(Kyle Daigle) #11

I’m researching my home automation options and it’s really unclear to me if Nest is supported or not. Can someone help me out? Are we waiting for support?

(Marc) #12

It’s not officially supported with the “Works with Nest” (No ETA yet) program, but the entire community here is using custom built device types and it works great.

I have 3 Nests and I use ST to control temperature and home/away states.

(Sean) #13

I would have to agree that I am leaning the direction of not recommending SmartThings to anyone as well. I have had too many issues and there hasn’t been any real communications from ST. I have only been using ST since the day after Thanksgiving and it has been a love/hate relationship but mostly hate for the last few weeks.

(Geoff) #14

I’ve tried several of the custom devices that people have made for NEST thermostats. And although I’m grateful for their efforts, none have worked well for me, and most haven’t worked at all. If you’re counting on controlling your NEST through smartthings, think carefully.

(Sean) #15

Good luck getting any type of an actual answer that isn’t just going to just pacify people.