SmartThings New App Shortcomings

Smartthings as a platform does not have the ability to differentiate a manual switch on v. an programmatic switch on (this is platform wide - not classic or connect specific)

Yes - it used to. (You can even see remants of it in the WebCore UI: there’s a programmatic v. physical interaction decision on the IF dialog box) The change happened at least two years ago because even though TECHNICALLY some devices have the ability to tell (I think Lutron is in the CAN category) most vendor implementations were poor at best and some not at all - so it left a very bad end user experience. SO ST - pulled it.

That means your automation won’t possibly be able to work because it can’t tell the difference.

To overcome it, you’ll have to do some advanced automation in something like WebCoRE where you set a flag on motion that says ‘Yeah I automagically turned on the light’ and if so run a timer where if that flag isn’t set then don’t do anything. The built-in automations can’t do that - even in Classic.

Now as to ‘this stuff isn’t ready for primetime’ portion - feel free to pile on the Get ready to make the switch! thread. There’s PLENTY that doesn’t work in NewApp yet… I’m in teh same boat, with all my custom smartapps, custom devices, and WebCoRE Pistons, my particular setup will probably one of the very last that fully works. But, I try every time I get an update to Newapp, I try - see what’s stilll broken - and post feedback - at least they’re listening.