[SmartThings] Multipurpose sensor / button - battery CR2450 vs LIR2450?

Heya all,

Has anyone tested a LIR2450, which is 3.6V instead of the traditional 3V of the CR2450 on the ST multipurpose sensors and buttons?

As I understand, some zigbee devices are sensitive to a voltage change even if its 0.6 of a difference.

I’m trying to reduce the usage of buying crazy amounts of CR2450’s, and just recharge them.


It seems they come in different flavours depending on the chemistry.
You should be able to find 3.0 or 3.2 VDC which would be my choice.

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Rechargeable batteries are usually not recommended for home automation devices because the battery reporting will not be reliable. Specifically, you’ll get a battery report of 50% and then it was suddenly dropped down to zero.

In addition, as you noted rechargeables tend to have some fluctuations which can definitely trigger Motion Sensors specifically.

If they meet the other specs you could try them and see how it goes, but I wouldn’t use them.


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Thanks guys for the answers!

Unfortunately i cant find locally or aliexpress a 3.0V LIR2450 to test, but in my search I did find a cheap supplier of panasonic’s CR’s. Normally they are around 4 u$d a piece (yeah, crazy :exploding_head:), and just found one for around 0.7 u$d a piece, we’ll see how they go :slight_smile: