LIR2032 3.6V replacement for CR2032 3.0V in the Arrival Sensor

Hi all,

Anyone ever tried to use rechargeable LIR2032 3.6V instead of the regular CR2032 3.0V in the Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor?

The reason I’d like to do it is not price driven but I hate throwing a battery every week in the garbage. We are 5 employees using precence device and it generate lots of waste.

Anyone have any experience or input regarding this?

Smartthings how about a device using AAA battery instead?


The LIR2032 should work but because of the capacity which is way less than the Cr2032. It will last probably one day max compare to your Cr2032. I don’t think they will switch to other type of battery with the sensor anytime soon due to the compact size they want to keep. I hardwired my old presence sensor up to 5V external without an issue so I don’t see any problem with 3.7.v.
Totally understand the waste and especially battery.

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Thanks Navat604,

I will postpone the purchase of 50 rechargeable LIR2032 until I can test the duration but I’m afraid you may be right… if that would last a full week that would be fair enough but a single day is not enough.

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the voltage this is much appreciated!

Cheers :slight_smile:


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I’m finding LIR2032s last about six weeks.

You don’t get much warning when the battery finally dies, though. 100% one day, 25% report the next day (if you’re lucky), then dead.