Smartthings Motion Sensor for bathroom


I have an issue where my bloody kids keep on leaving the bathroom light on (its a white hue bulb linked to ST). I haven’t got any sensors for this area, either a door or a motion sensor.

A couple of questions…

  1. Would a motion sensor work ok in a steamy bathroom or would it corrode the internals or impair the motion detection?
  2. Is there a way of telling smartthings to turn off a specific bulb after its been on for ## amount of mins, without it being linked to any motion sensors/door sensors?

I have a motion sensor in my bathroom and it functions great, although I’m not sure about the internals being corroded but I don’t think that would happen.

As for your second question I can’t answer.

Smart lighting does this. Power off after a certain amount of time on. Works great for this.

Whats the trigger for this in the Lighting Automation smart app, is it Power Allowance??

Yes. :slight_smile: plus some for ten characters.

It’s working well for us…only been in place for a few months so can’t say what the impact would be on the internals.

We have two motion sensors that control a Philips Hue LIghtstrip that I installed under the bathroom counter. We use it like a motion sensitive night-light so it’s not at full brightness.

One sensor monitors the door, so walking in activates it immediately, the other is behind the toilet, so sitting on it (for a long time) will keep the night-light active.

The light is set to go off 1 minute after motion stops.

For other lights, like closets etc, I use a simple timer to turn off the light if it’s been on too long.