Room presence using motion sensor?

Just to start, I am VERY new to SmartThings, like only a week. So far I’ve got a few smart bulbs and a few ST sockets and all is working well. Next step is to try sensors.

I’ve ordered a Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor that I intend to put in the bathroom with the Cree Smart bulb. How would I set it so that the light comes on when motion is detected and remains on so long as someone is in there and then shut off if not?

Is the ST Sensor the right one for this job, or would anyone recommend a different one?

In my restrooms I use motion switches. The occupancy sensors switches are very cheap like $15 on amazon. Then you can use the expensive stuff somewhere else :).

To your question, motion remains “active” so long as there is movement detected. The built in Lighting Automation smart app in the marketplace allows for a time setting before turn off. So, when “bathroom motion sensor” is “active” turn on Cree Light bulb. Turn Off after “5 minutes.” It will start the 5 minutes over every time it detects motion, even if the light is already on.

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Thanks for the reply Matt. Just one further question…any links to these $15 sensor switches that work with ST?

oh, those are not “smart” switches. They are just ol fashioned occupancy switches. Ironically, I get the most compliments on my bathroom occupancy switches more than anything else /facepalm.

I bought the smart version for the garage with an add-on switch for 3-way, but it’s literally just like the $18 one for like $70 less.

I have these $18 ones all over the place. The kids closets, the playroom, the laundry room, bathrooms, anywhere where all i want is light to come on and turn off automatically and don’t need any further integration. They adj the sensitivity, duration, and have diff modes like auto on with manual off, auto on/off, etc. And have different timing options like 30 seconds to off, 1 min, 5 min, 20 min etc.