Bathroom Lights

Hi All,

Finally got around to putting Hue Bulbs in the bathroom and I want to automate them as much as possible.

Right now I have a open/close sensor on the door so when the door is open voila on come the bulbs. But apart from setting a time off number in the app can someone think of a way to turn them off when the door is next opened and closed or am I missing something obvious?

I tried the motion sensor but unfortunately it was two quick to turn them off with no motion i.e in the shower wasn’t being picked up.



Two sensors, one door, one inside motion. Then it’s timing of notifications and math from there.

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@wackware yeah that would work…not keen on using a motion sensor and a door one on one room (am minimising what my wife see’s as ‘expenditure’ .

I guess I could set a 30 minute off timer on the app as hopefully no one would want to be in there more than that most days!

I spend more time in the bathroom than any other room. :wink: the missus has graciously given me one. I read, post, learn, code, drink all in there!!! The garage and the basement has been captured by her too… :frowning:

Relying on a door open/close to deal with bathroom lights is probably not a workable solution. There are going to be too many instances where the door doesn’t match your expected use. Ditch the door sensor and use a motion sensor instead.

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I would definitely use a motion sensor instead. I put a motion sensor in my bathroom last night. It was the trickiest one I’ve had to place due to the nearby hallway and the shower curtain.

A little update… the door sensor is actually working really well. The format of the bathroom just didn’t work out well with the motion sensor we just couldn’t get it placed right to trigger or not trigger effectively.

Having the Hue bulbs in there is a really really nice feature as well.

This might do the trick for you, except i haven’t added multiple light control yet and it sounds like you have multiple lights (hue’s). “Bathroom Light/Fan Control” (Thread: Bathroom Light Control ; GitHub project source, testing branch: I designed the app with a single switch for light, another switch for fan, a motion sensor, and a humidity sensor. I’m probably still far from perfecting it, but it’s a good start I think.

  • Turn light on when there is motion, schedule to turn off after a motion is inactive for x minutes
  • Change from motion based light timer to a longer humidity based light timer and optionally turn on an exhaust fan if humidity is rising above the average as based on the last several polls (since the motion sensor cannot detect motion behind the shower curtain).
  • Change from humidity based light timer to motion timer when humidity is falling.