SmartThings mesh router with GoNetSpeed

I recently switched to GoNetSpeed and used SmartThings router/mesh with Comcast. Is there anyone that has used this system with GoNetSpeed. I can get an internet speed test with accurate internet speed but cannot get into the internet with any of my devices (phone, pc, alexa, etc). I tried resenting everything and resetting up my network with no luck.

It could be so many things but first is the router compatible with gonetspeed? Did you test a hard wire connection? Did you set up your router and allow your wireless networks to broadcast?

Gonetspeed has 2 recommended routers on their website but doesn’t endorse any others. The new hard wired plug works in my laptop when connected directly. It didn’t work when initially plugging it into the router. After resetting and setting up a new network, the smartthings router still didn’t work. When I plugged in the Comcast wire it works immediately. When I plug the gonetspeed wire into a netgear router, that works. When I plug in the smartthings router through the outgoing plug on the netgear router it works as well, only I loose 50% or more bandwidth.