Smartthings Matter sharing code generation

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There is some roadmap discussion or something already available about a beta version for Smartthings generation code to Matter multi admin (apps) integration?

I’m specifically curious about how it will works multi admin functions, as a iOS user I’m dreaming to use/share my ST with HomeKit… Will these possible in the future ?


@nayelyz do you know ?

Unfortunately not. :disappointed_relieved:

So far Samsung has only announced support for one way matter integration in. Meaning that once they have multi admin functions, you would be able to add devices from other brands that can act as a “matter bridge” and bring their devices with them. So maybe the aqara matter bridge hub, and maybe the Tuya matter bridge hub. So a smartthings hub would be a “matter controller“ with “multi admin support.“

HOWEVER: Samsung top execs have said that they have no plans to make the smartthings hubs a “matter bridge“, which is what would enable a smartthings hub to be added to HomeKit or the IKEA app and bring devices along with it. So smartthings will not be supporting matter integration out. Just in.

That might change in the future if a lot of the competitors offer that, but we aren’t there yet.

Much discussion of matter, and how smartthings will support it in the following thread:

Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)

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And here’s the public statement. Notice that the exec says they are “considering” adding matter bridge capability sometime in the future, but that’s not a promise or a timeline. And mostly means they aren’t doing it now.

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SmartThings supports Matter Multi Admin, so it can generate a QR code to add a Matter device to another Matter conroller (like Apple Home). But it doesn’t support Matter Bridge to expose your non-Matter devices to other Matter controller (what JD is referring to above).