Smartthings Live Monitoring

(Peh) #1

Food for thought ppl:

For folks that are using Smartthings as a home security systems, what are your thoughts about Scout Alarm integration?

Is live monitoring something that we should consider for Smartthings? How much should I pay for live monitoring for Smartthings?

(Stuart Buchanan) #2

depends if they charge extra after a certain number of false alarms, if so it could get very expensive very very quickly.

(Lee Florack) #3

I know there are varied opinions about this, but here’s mine: I have FrontPoint for my monitored Security service. I have no intention of letting the unstable and unreliable (at least currently) SmartThings platform be the core of my security system. I might consider it when/if ST becomes more stable. But for now, FrontPoint has been rock solid for several years and ST is not. So, at least for the time being I have drawn a line between HA and home security.

Again, everybody has an opinion, and that’s mine. YMMV.

(Eric) #4

I have not dropped ADT Pulse for the very same reason. Really really would like to just use Scout, but it also doesn’t do CO/Fire like ADT will either. Its just burglary.

Home security stays with ADT and ST is a backup hobby using Smart Home Monitor…which I regularly ignore due to its penchant to get stuck in away mode despite all pleadings I am in my house with everything else operating in home mode.

(Peh) #5

Good info.I have not seen much reliability issue with my Smartthings so far (I only have it for a couple of weeks). If the platform is unreliable, false alarm fees will likely kill any live monitoring systems.

The city when I am at charge false alarm fees ($125 each time), so even one false alarm is going to negate any potential financial benefit of using Smartthings.

Looking like SimpliSafe is the best value option to go for home security at this time but their hardware looks very dated. Will likely use that as the primary security system and ST as backup hobby like Eric did :).

(Eric) #6

Simplisafe is not terribly safe and apparently easy to remotely mess with. They have a security problem that they cannot fix as their devices are no capable of firmware upgrades in the field so all current customers have some risk. Beware, although the odds of someone targeting you is probably low using the remote hacks.