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I getting started with all the Zwave stuff, I have preordered the new Smartthings Hub and so far the only device ill be able to link to it will be a Schlage smart deadbolt.

I currently have ADT and im looking to replace them as they offer limited zwave devices. My question being, does anyone know if I buy a Zwave alarm system, what company would monitor my devices?
How do you guys usually do this? DO you buy the system through a monitoring company? if so, what companies are out there doing this.
Do you buy the zwave alarm system or panel and then look for a monitoring company?
Will you be able to Arm or Disarm the alarm remotely? Or Arm it on a set schedule?

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Everyone has different preferences as far as peace of mind. I personally like having a professional monitoring service, because I’m quadriparetic, and fire safety is a big issue for me.

On the other hand, there are people who just can’t stand the idea of paying a monthly fee, and so their priorities are different.

Smartthings very recently made a deal with scout alarm to offer scout monitoring service for smartthings customers. However it costs $19.95 a month, which is fairly high in the DIY space, and they can only call The police department, they cannot call the fire department. So it didn’t make sense for me.

More information in the following topic:

Relying on ST for HOME SECURITY is a definite no-no, even when used in partnership with their Scout Alarm company. My observations are based on the hundreds of posts I have read on this forum about things failing, as well as my own 2 ST outages…

I would answer your question thus: Use a professional company that actually utilizes Z-Wave devices in their alarm monitoring equipment, and use ST for HOME AUTOMATION. In other words, get your perimeter security set up properly. Personally I use Vivint. They’re OK [for me], but I am aware of many other people on different forums experiencing nothing but issues with them. My point is that Vivint is [arguably] just a front end… The actual monitoring is done by, and they have, from what I understand, embraced the Z-wave wave and integration with their systems. seems reputable and reliable in all cases where I have had alarm activation. The only down side is that one cannot approach them directly, but one must go through a reseller, hence Vivint in my case.


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