SnarthThings + Security Monitoring

(Edward Beard) #1

Hello all,

First off, thanks for all your assistance in advance. I close on my new home a few weeks and Ive been doing tons of research on Home Automation. The biggest hurdle that I am running into is integrating Home Automation with Security. My wife is onboard with this project, but she is requiring alarm monitoring.

I’ve been looking at 2gig with, but Im noticing that it may or may not play well SmartThings. I’m looking for any guidance on how I can accomplish this.

(Ran) #2

In the ST app, there is a section in the for Scout Alarm, Professionally Monitored Service. $19.99/month with no contract. Month to Month. I have not tried this yet.

(Jimmy) #3

What are your requirements? If one is a cell data backup, ST is out. There is a cloud-to-cloud integration someone has built for SimpliSafe, but i’m not familiar with it since I don’t use them