Smartthings Leak Sensors not showing as options for "temperature readings" on the status information bar

Hi!. I’m wondering if anyone in the community knows why the Smartthings Leak Sensor are not shown as options for devices that can measure temperature in the status information bar? In my case the Smartthings buttons are shown, but it is odd the leak sensors are not provided they have temperature measuring capability. Any hints? Is it maybe because of the driver used?


When I last read the config/presentation for the summary tiles I noted for the Indoor Temperature tile that:

This uses temperatureMeasurement>temperature in any component of oic.d.airconditioner , oic.d.airpurifier, oic.d.thermostat , , , or and updates every ten minutes.

So it relies on the device profile exposing an ocfDeviceType and it having one of the above values.

I should note that the tiles in the mobile apps seem to feel free to do their own thing rather than track what the API seems to be saying, but that’s par for the course.

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Thanks for the reply!. I’m not very familiar to those terms, but what I understood is that simply the device type (leak sensor) is not included in the list of devices that work with the tile, right?

Yes, basically they are looking for a particular attribute but only in certain types of devices.

The slight oddity is that when we develop a device we are encouraged to define a ‘category’ for it, and that is something meaningful like ‘Thermostat’ or ‘Switch’. Here that doesn’t seem to be used. Instead they are using an optional and pretty much undocumented item of metadata in the ocfDeviceType. It’s something that we used to use with legacy device handlers to influence the choice of icon for the device but we rather thought we’d moved on from that.

That said, I am basing this analysis on something I found in the API which is completely undocumented.

It’s ironic that smartthings water leak sensor and motion sensor tiles now show temperature in Google Home!

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Lol, it is indeed. Actually that is why I noticed this issue

In a round about way they can be seen.

Motion sensors yes, Water leak sensors no.

Is it though? It’s not as if SmartThings can’t show the temperature from the individual devices. It is just that when it came to the ‘Indoor Temperature’ summary (which is what it is called in the API) they chose to restrict the eligible devices to certain specific types rather than listing absolutely anything with a temperature attribute which could include outdoor and internal temperatures. Whether they needed to do that is another matter. It could reasonably be argued that the users are best placed to determine which devices should be used. However given they have decided to restrict the eligible device types, I can’t say that I’d have thought to have included leak sensors either.