Smartthings Water Leak Sensor - Temperature Measurement

I purchased 15 Samsung Smartthings Water Leak Sensors recently. They work great, top contacts and bottom, triggering immediately when I wet my finger slightly and hold it to the contacts.

I really want reasonably accurate temperature measurement at each location, ideally within a degree, but I could live with +/-2 degrees F. I built a piston to read all of the temperatures for each device, which I run in test mode only, hence the 10 second refresh is not an issue. This is solely for temperature calibration, and only run for two readings, and then disabled.


The issue that I am having is that the temperature offsets take forever to take affect. Even though I can see the offset I entered into the app, and see it through the web interface by device, the readings themselves do not seem to be impacted for hours or even days at times. Some sensors do update faster, within minutes or an hour at the longest.

I put in an offset of 2 degrees for Main Sink and Main Toilet, the readings are still 2 degrees low. Still reading 65 degrees after four days, all else being equal (these are all in one box shielded from the sun). Today, I changed to an offset of 3 for both devices, still no impact.

Is this normal? Is there a way to send a command to the device to get it to update the temperature with the configured offset?

Take a look in the app to see when the temperature was last updated. Using webCore to pull at one point in time doesn’t mean the temperature the device reports is from that point in time. If the temperature remains fixed, the device may not send an “updated” temp and therefore webCore is just pulling the last reported temperature…

Try moving the devices to somewhere cooler, like the fridge, for a period to get a temperature shift and then put them back. Then check to see if the temperature offset has kicked in after the device has had time to acclimate to the new temperature.

I have several of the ST water leak sensors as well. I noticed recently that the sensors are frequently updating the history in the new app with temperature readings. Each sensor updates the history several times an hour. I am not interested in the temperature readings from these sensors. Can I stop those updates to the history? Should I? Are these frequent updates draining my sensor batteries?