Smartthings Leak Sensors $14.88

I have never ordered from this seller. I just stumbled across this and thought it looked like a good price if anyone was looking.


They have brick and mortar stores, but i’ve never ordered from the online. just ordered a couple. $5 shipping isn’t too bad.

Free shipping on the sensors

Looks like all their ST stuff is on sale

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For some reason the multi-purpose sensor ($14.88) is pickup in store only :frowning: Great deals though, I’ve never seen the SmartThings sensors this cheap.

Never heard of this site, they also have other good deals in clearance…
Nokia wifi scale (I sync sync with fitbit, works great) $30

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I just noticed that that these are listed in clearance. New devices coming out?

When I tried to place order the shipping is not free, $10 :frowning:

New devices and hub hit the FCC in may and have had their fingerprints added to device handlers, but no word on when they will be sold.

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I remember seeing the thread that had the specs with the V3.

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Ordered a few leak sensors. Thanks @oldcomputerwiz for the tip!

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And…they cancelled my order for 2 leak sensors… :frowning:

It looks like they ran out of stock.

I got notice of shipment, but status is still label created

update: theirs economy shipping uses FedEx Surepost, which is where FedEx gets it to the general vicinity and then hands off to USPS. Apparently in the Denver area that means it floats around the metro area for 4 days before even being handed off to USPS. Ordered the 17th, scheduled for delivery the 30th. Brandsmart did at least refund me the $5 i paid for economy shipping.