SmartThings leak sensor with 3rd party zigbee hub


I’m aware that my request is quite the oppposite of what we usually see around here but here it comes anyway. :slight_smile: I actually would like to pair a SmartThings leak sensor to my current Zigbee hub.

The hub in question is a Climax alarm system which is ZHA. I bought the leak sensor knowing that it is Zigbee 3.0 and should therefore be backward compatible with my hub. Unfortunately, the device is only recognized as a temperature sensor once connected which totally defeats its purpose.

Is there by any chance something I can do on the sensor side to fix this (e.g. firmware update)? It seems some people had a similar issue even with a smartthings hub in the past but I’m afraid there is not much I can do on the hub side to force a different device handler. It is quite ironic that a company working towards device integration does apparently not produce a sensor that works out of the box despite the Zigbee 3.0 certification.

Thanks for your help!

You cant update the FW on it w/o a smartthings hub. Also FW is only half of it, much like the hardware in your computer zigbee devices also have drivers, in smartthings we call them device handlers (DTH). W/o a compatible driver for your hub to support your device you’ll only get basic functionality, in your case temp only. You prob should return the leak sensor and purchase one that is officially supported by your hub.

Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

I could always find a smartthings hub to do a firmware upgrade or use deCONZ if there is a way to get hold of the firmware file. Anyway, that was just a thought in case it would improve compatibility.

Now, I would be fine even with the basic functionality if that would be the leak part which would make much more sense than temperature on a… leak sensor!