Echo reporting?

finally got an echo dot (still don’t sell them in Canada yet) and I get they don’t want to allow control of locks or garage doors but is there any way to get the dot to report the status of the locks and doors? Simply by asking Alexa isf the house is secure and get a response that the garage door is still open.
I have tried EchoSistant but the Service Simulator is not working and have not got it working yet.

By default you can ask Alexa, is the “lock name” locked? Or Alexa, what’s the status of “lock name”? The echo will give you an answer. You can also ask thermostats several questions.

Outside of that you would need to install custom code. Ask Alexa works great but you’ll need to create several Amazon accounts.

You can also lock doors. You just can’t unlock them.

Go over to the EchoSistant thread or pm me. What’s was going on with your install? I’m sure we can help you through any issues.

But fyi, EchoSistant will do exactly what you’re asking.