Smartthings is USELESS (for UK Security)

Sorry for the delay! Not even started yet but will in the NY. I’ll keep you updated. Since my last post the ST sensors have all f*cked up. Utter rubbish. Its a real black mark against Samsung frankly and the idea that in this day and age, Samsung expect you to alter your pre-existing home Wi-Fi system potentially having to upgrade infrastructure without even mentioning it on the packaging as it were is, is overtly arrogant and grossly obtuse.
In the long term with flaky shit for hardware they’ll lose the market.

I’ve been using Smartthings for only a couple of weeks. My area was fairly crime free then we had a spike in domestic burglaries. So, I spoke to a mate at work who recommended ST.

I bought a Hub, door/window sensors and one extra PIR and a D-Link Camera. I have cats so I can’t use PIR’s. I now have full perimeter security. I get no false readings or activations.

My internet is fairly stable and being a high speed cable set up and WiFi sin’t an issue as the hub is ethernet’d in to the router.

I had one issue over Christmas with my internet - a new hub that wouldn’t connect to the web. But I was able to do a work around using a mobile as a WiFi hotspot and bridging my old laptops WiFi connection.

I’m really very happy using ST as a primary security system. As has been said - unless my internet drops out, and it’s only done so once in about 5 years and that was due to a faulty new hub - I will get notifications and text to my phone, and so will my wife. As has been said (and I live in the midlands too) audible sirens are very rarely attended by the police, not due to insurance but due to the sheer number of false alarms (cats again). Whereas, if I have an issue then I’ll get on the 9’s and report it.

Perhaps I’ve been lucky with my system. But I’m really quite happy with what I’ve got.



According to this, ADT integration/support in the UK will start November 5, 2018.

Another alternative is to go wired (if your house already has wiring), and use Konnected to integrate that with ST.