SmartThings is hosting user feedback sessions in Minneapolis. Please give us your feedback!

Hello everyone,

We’re looking for your feedback to our upcoming SmartThings design again. This time, we will be hosting feedback sessions in our Minneapolis office. They will be in-person session. As a token of appreciation, we will you give you a $50 Amazon gift certificate .

If you’re interested, please fill out this short form. If your availability works for session schedule, we’ll reach out shortly to confirm the appointment.

Thanks for all your help in advance!


Thanks for noting on the sign-up form that an NDA is required, Alfred.

I advise all participants who work or may work in any field related to SmartThings’s product lines to consult an attorney before signing.


The dates you have are only one week or so in december… I can’t make those but would likely be able to do something in late January, I come into Minneapolis from Chicago approx monthly for work… Please reach out to me if you want to do that or if you would come to Chicago for additional user feedback… I believe there are a number of us passionate people here in the Windy City!

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plus one for doing it in Chicago.

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I read the Palo Alto one earlier and thought man they should do this in Minneapolis… Now I see this. I’m soooooo tempted… 600 mile/10hr round trip. My only concern is weather… I’ve been to Minneapolis once and I drove there during a massive snow storm.

Ummm… not to detract from SmartThings’s reaching out to Customer for testing and feedback; but Matt, frankly (oooo… that was a pun you’ve heard before!) … there’s no way it’s worth a 10 hour trip. PM me if you are still tempted to consider it. And put away the car keys.

@mattjfrank i agree. Hanging out with @jim is ONLY THE WORST. 9 hours, maybe. But 10 is a lot.

Although, the office is pretty badass, if you haven’t been around it before.

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Are you accepting feed back on the giant list of current things that aren’t working?? Or is the new design supposed to fix them?

We are definitely looking for feedback on any design issues. The designs we’ll be testing addresses some of the most notable issues. If there’s anything you want to chat or express concern about, feel free to post (if a thread doesn’t already exist) or reach out to me directly.

Either way, I would not drive 10 hours to spend 45mins to an hour with me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I wouldn’t drive, but i’d fly in a heartbeat to see you, David.

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We wrapped this round of feedback. Thanks everyone!

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