SmartThings App: Backgrounds gone and order back to alphabetical

Okay, second time this happend. Without doing anything in the settings all of the sudden all my backgrouns are gone and the order of my rooms go back to alphabetical?

Any ideas on how this happens and if there is a easy way of turning it back again?

Most likely a glitch in the matrix. In other words, I don’t think anyone has a clue. It happens from time to time for users unexpectedly. It also happens when you sign out/sign in to the app.

Unlike yours… mine never sort alphabetically when it occurs. Generally I have my rooms sorted alphabetically, and my devices in a particular arrangement and they change to some random sorting of the room names and devices.

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A glitch is once, twice is a bug. And a annoying one.

But if yours are already alphabetically then it wouldn’t make a difference.

Many reports of this. Long time bug for iOS users, probably since the the new app was released to substitute for the classic. No indication that it’s on the radar for fix, much like numerous other bugs with the app.

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