SmartThings & IoT World Workshop & Hackathon (May 11-13)

Bay Area friends:

We’re participating in IoT World in a big way. Here are a few of the events we’d love to see you at:

May 11 - SmartThings workshop at WeWork: We will have an introduction to SmartThings, a hands-on workshop that focuses on how you can automate your home with code, and a networking hour with refreshments. You don’t need an IoT World badge to attend. Please RSVP here:

May 12-13 - IoT World Hackathon: We’re going to be at the hacakathon all day Tuesday and Wednesday. We are part of the “IoT Consumer Prize”. You can read more here:

We’re also going to have a demo booth on the show floor.

We hope to see you there!


So this is definitely “introductory level”, right? No use attending if we’re already rather familiar with the system and have created or at least edited a SmartApp or Device Type?

Though, … would it be helpful if some of us volunteered to coach or something?

Are you planning on attending IoT World, @tgauchat ?

Yup… at least at the free “Exhibit viewer level” (I just registered).

I’ve never been to a Hackathon (!) so I’m considering that portion of the event as well… how are teams formed?


Hey @tgauchat, it sounds like teams will be formed on the spot Tuesday morning. The schedule says:

9:00 AM: Lightening Talks, App Idea Pitches & Team Formation

I encourage you to sign up, it could be a lot of fun. Having a SmartThings expert in the crowd would be amazing.


Guess that must be an interesting process … great way to meet people!

Any other San Francisco area SmartThings Community folks planning to attend? Maybe we can gain a bit of an advantage by being on the same team :imp: … or have fun competing too; either way, right?

Hackathons are a blast. I would definitely recommend signing up.

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Please see below for a discount code for Registrations (it gave me $15 off of the $50 Hackathon Only fee).


You mileage may vary … but perhaps it may be worth 30% off full registrations as well? Dunno.

NB: I accept gratuities. :wink:

I have a code for 25 free invites to the hackathon coming soon. Stay tuned.

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I hope I get some teammates out of this :wink: … I only spent $35, but doubt there are any refunds.

(It’s also shame that the Hackathon conflicts with the actual conference itself… There will be very little no time to see the exhibitors or keynotes.)

Looks like Samsung has a very smart presentation to make at this Conference:

The hackathon is free for the next 24 hours. Register!

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No refunds of my yesterday’s registration. :confused: … oh well…

Any Community folks attending the Hackathon … please let me know! It will be great to meet you next week!

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If you build something cool, you will win more than your money back :slight_smile:

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Well… that’s a high expectation for a Hackathon virgin!!!

I’ve got some ideas, but no idea how teams get together and agree on what the scope and components will be. Somehow, I think “getting it built” will be the easy part.

So far … no connections. They just opened the “Networking” website and I haven’t found any SmartThings talents listed in the Attendee Profiles (but profile search is pretty bad; only searches name, company, title … not description).

The workshop will be recorded here:

7pm PST, see you there!