SmartThings iOS app updated v.1.6.51 (August 24, 2020)

New iOS version released

  • weather
  • linked places
  • scan multiple zigbee 3.0 QR codes

Hope the Location setting isn’t borked for iOS… What a mess that is causing with Automations.

Under How to use

Mine shows fine. I read through it earlier.

Thanks for letting me know yours is showing accurately, @jkp. Looks like my phone’s IOS needed updated.

EDIT: Updating IOS didn’t make a difference.
Oh well, it works fine on my iPad and working fine on hubby’s iPhone. Figuring this out is def not high on my priority list today.

When I attempt to set up a linked place… the iOS app crashes.

Any idea where I can get the lux, sunrise and sunset info on the new app?

I saw that earlier on my Android app, which has yet to be updated. The notice now seems to have been pulled.

Other than every single “How to use” notice being marked as unread, I haven’t spotted anything weird yet. They usually segregate the Galaxy only vs Android vs iOS vs all device features pretty well, but this implementation has been sloppy. Why even have a SmartThing find How to use article on iOS? Why allow linked places to be setup on any phone other than a Galaxy device if that’s all that can be used for it? Maybe i’m just grumpy about not being allowed to use the new Linked places feature…

Or maybe you’ve reached your limit on everything ST is releasing that’s half baked for some, broken for others, or not supported at all. Grumpy? You should be about more than just this.

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