SmartThings iOS app update 1.6.85 (May 31, 2022)

New update available today

This is new → Offline Diagnostics

Manage Locations page has changed…

Still no update to automations to allow offsets from sunrise/sunset >60 mins.

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Pretty sure it applies to Samsung products only, i have several devices which go offline that are not Samsung, it just ignored them but it did try and diagnose why my Samsung Tv was switched off… the night before !!

So offline diagnostic is … from my point of view… crap !


Seems similar to the offline tile on the favorites page. Really only works for Samsung appliances and TVs.

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I don’t know about iOS, but on Android that was in Labs for quite a few months. Recently Labs was trailing that it would be moving to its new location on the Menu page on 23rd May, which was the release date of the app update.

It does work for hubs too. Not sure how useful it is as it was diagnosing a hub that’s not plugged in so it couldn’t tell me much I didn’t know. To be fair though, not being plugged in was a suggestion it came up with.

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It was not in Labs a few weeks ago when I last looked

i deleted bond integration and trying to link again but it is hanging at location/room page after hitting the link button. tried other random service integrations (ecobee for example) and they are also hanging at the same place. only way out is to force close the app and start over.

I’m surprised no one is raving about how the speed and responsiveness have finally improved with this version?

force quit the app and try again!

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i did force close the app and start over but hangs at the same place. even tried uninstall/reinstall but same thing. thing is its not happening with only bond but other integrations as well. (ecobee for example as well as others)

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sorry, my reply was to the post before mine. You may want to contact ST support to report the issue you are experiencing.

I just attempted with Bond and got the Authentication page successfully. Try restarting your hub and router.

There is also an Edge Driver for Bond that you can check out:

Note: Edge does not work on the wifi mesh or connect hubs at this time.

Sarcasm. :wink:

All I do is just set the backgrounds and room order on the iOS app since it tends to reset itself every so often so keeping device order in rooms is a futile effort. Well, that changed yesterday since the iOS SmartThings app reset itself three times yesterday, and once right after I had changed the backgrounds and reordered the rooms.

I guess SmartThings, being owned by Samsung, really want SmartThings owners to have Android devices since that’s what they sale by keeping the iOS experience so horrible for iOS users.