Smartthings integration for BG Smart Socket?

I’ve got a BG Smart Socket purchased from Screwfix. It works fine with the BG App but I really would like it to be visible in SmartThings. I’ve done hours of Internet searching but drawn a blank. Does anyone know if it’s possible?

It’s a Wi-Fi device using its own manufacturer proprietary messaging format. There’s no direct integration at this time.

You can get partial integration, which is often enough for plugs and sockets, by using Alexa, or Google home as an intermediary, if that’s of any interest. The socket itself wouldn’t be visible, but she would use a virtual device as a proxy for it.

Ifttt would be an even better integration because it offers two-way communication, but my personal concern with Ifttt at this point is I’m not sure their business can survive that much longer, a number of companies are dropping them. So you could definitely start by using that if it works well for you, just be prepared for the possibility that it might go away at some point.


For the future, you could ask BG if they intend updating that model to have Matter support. Matter is a new industrywide standard specifically intended to make it easier to integrate devices from different platforms. Smartthings already supports it for one way in. So if BG does update the socket to support matter, you’d be all set. But while some companies are updating existing devices, others are just coming out with entirely new matter, compatible models, and some are taking a wait-and-see position. So it’s not here yet, but eventually, this whole issue should be much less of a pain.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

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Manufacturers do seem a big sluggish with introducing Matter products. I’ve got a few Tapo P110Ms and they’re very easy to add to Smartthings. Sonoff have one or two products too but Matter smart sockets appear to be non-existent which is why I took a shot at the BG option in the hope that it would at least register itself with the hub and I would have something to have a go at, however, no such luck.
I’ve a Click Smart socket on its way in the post so will have a shot at that. There does seem to be some hope with that one. It’s all very frustrating though - lots of manufacturers all doing their own thing.

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As long as it’s the Zigbee version, it should work fine with a SmartThings/Aeotec hub, but you will need a custom edge driver.

[UK] Scolmore ZIgbee Sockets & Modules - #14 by welshbryn

They do make some Wi-Fi models, and those would have exactly the same issues as the BG.

For once it looks like luck is with me. Seems it is the Zigbee version

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Yes. These work well with SmartThings using @Mariano_Colmenarejo zigbee switch edge drivers

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