Smartthings Indoor Camera Issues with Sound

Hi all,

New to the Smartthings world!
I got 3 of the indoor security cameras that were on sale. 1 from best buy and 2 from Samsung directly.

I had no issue setting these up, but one of the cameras, whenever it is recording, the sound is distorted. Or actually, there shouldn’t be any sound but the audio is loud beeping, rustling, white noise. When the camera is live, it’s fine.

Anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

Also, unrelated to above issue and not an issue, more a question: I have one pointed out the window to use as an outdoor Cam so to speak, but when I activate the night vision I just get the glare of that/mirror of my cam as a pic. Without the night vision it doesn’t pick up on anything. I know that’s not the intended use, but does anyone have a tip? (Or a tip for a cheapish outdoor cam with night vision suitable for smartthings?)

Thanks all!