Smartthings IDE Groovy problem

I am able to log in to my Smart things IDE account, but 7-8 times out of 10, when I click on the “my hubs” or “my devices” tab, I am greeted with the message “You don’t have any hubs” or “You don’t have any devices”. Occasionally, I do get my hub and devices show up. I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7. The only thing that shows up consistently, every time is a custom device handler. Is there any fix to this problem?

Try logging in using incognito in Chrome and see if that works. I haven’t seen this issue but when I try to edit devices some times I get the access denied message that that fixes it for me. Also you may want to flush your browser cache now and again.

Are you logging into IDE at

No, I am logging in at But, when I click on the " log in" link on that page, I get re-directed to

Ok, let me restate… login to IDE using instead of ide.graph because you are most likely being redirected back to the incorrect shard and thus your hub not being found. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. That appears to have solved my problem!