Can't Access IDE

I am trying to add a device that requires a DTH and SmartApp. I understand that this requires access to my IDE but somehow it’s not working for me.

I tried using this URL:

When I get to that site, it seems to be blank, i.e. I cannot see my Hub, devices etc.

I am using the Smartthings Classic App on an Android phone and that seems to be working OK.

Any thoughts/suggestions on what the issue is and what I can do about it would be greatly appreciated.

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When you say blank…

Do you mean you do not see the login screen or anything? Or you are able to login but no devices show under the menu selections?

Yes I am able to login but nothing shows up in the menu selections. Tx

I am not sure what to say. I can login and see everything. Possible the shard (server) you are accessing is having issues. Perhaps try a little later to see if things are there. If not, contact ST support

Are you logging in with a Samsung account or a Smartthings account? Presuming that you have been migrated, you should be logging in to your Samsung account.

I’m not sure whether my account is a Samsung or a Smartthings account. I just followed the instructions when I initially set up my ST hub a few years ago and never made any account changes that I’m aware of.

Is there a way to find out what type of account it is? Which one should it be? What can I do if I’m using the wrong account?

Thank you!

If you setup a few years ago,I believe you will have been migrated to a Samsung account, so definitely try that option.

Thank you all for your comments.

Somehow I found my IDE. I clicked on this link which I found in one of the postings:

I suspect I was going to the wrong shard as suggested by jkp above.


Here’s the link that got me in…

Go to My Locations in IDE and see if you have more than one location. Possible an empty location got set to default.

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