SmartThings IDE frequently shows empty devices, anyone?

IDE frequently shows nothing in my account. Sometimes I have to logout and re-login several times and finally my devices apps hub etc show up. Anyone else?

What a joke IDE web interface…

The correct link is

Does this work for you?

Basically, 5+ years ago everyone went to Then to grow out the cloud, they needed scale up the back-ends by introducing different shards. That means that is one particular shard, most other people are on different shards (FAQ: How to find out what "shard" (cloud slice IDE URL) your Account / Location is on?).

Using always sends you to the correct shard. Always use that to access the IDE and you will not have problems.

I updated the new URL and will see if the problem still comes up.

With the old URL , if I chose to login to the new Samsung account, my devices apps hub etc won’t show up at all.

I found a way around. Everytime I had to choose “Old Samsung Account” to login first. The old link doesn’t work anymore because we all migrated, only then I went back to the new Samsung Account and now I am able to login and all devices show immediately. It seems that my account needs an attempt to activate the old account logging first? That’s so weird…

OK. thanks