How to change icon of added devices

When I add an Aeon door sensor and it gives me a generic icon. Is there a way to change the icon to something else? “Preferences” only allows me to change the name. The problem is that I have a few of these sensors and they all have the same icon which is very confusing when looking at the App screen.
Also, when looking at the web console to try and change the icon I did not see any way to do it. The device type shows as “Zwave Door/Window”.


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I agree more/different/custom icons would help.

one way to manage is to put the similar-looking-but-different-location-items in different groups.

So the refrigerator-group has a door in it.
and the house-front-group has a front-door in it with the same looking icon.

FYI, I just found out the other day you can shake your phone on the things screen and it will display the name.

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Does anyone know if this is possible?