Smartthings - I don't know how things work anymore -- from dumbthingsomethingsomeone

I don’t know how these smart home devices work anymore.

Apparently, my 3 smartthings water leak sensors (from a few years ago) don’t work anymore and they show up as repeaters when I reset and connect them.

So does another popular brand motion sensor that I tried to connect… everything is all “Z-Wave Device Repeater”

Is it weird that Groovy still made sense to me?

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  • can you provide the model number of the ST water leak sensor or post an image of the device so community members might be able to identify the model?
  • brand/model of the motion sensors?

use the following community developed tool: API Browser+
find your devices, tap on details and screen capture that section that can provide info that can help identify what may be going on and provide you with the answers to get you back on track. :slight_smile:

Edge/LUA will make more sense and much easier to use once you get the hang of it.

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SmartThings Water Leak Sensor
M/N IM6001-WLP01

Also, I bought a Zooz Motion Sensor this week.

It did not have a QR Code (which surprised me). But trying to pair it with the ST hub a few times, it also ended up showing up as a Zooz Zwave Repeater device.

And then my Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor had been offline for over a week. I couldn’t find use my pin to find the reset button. So I used my warranty.