Hub Vs Dongle

Hi, I have a Frame 22 model, and I am looking for a smartthing hub or dongle.
is there any limmitations in using a dongle rather than a full hub?


I’m interested in understanding the differences in these capabilities too. I have ordered a Frame TV, which has been delayed, but the dongle has been delivered. So I have a dongle, but no TV to test it on :thinking:

As far as I know, the dongle models which are currently available do not support zwave. And I’m not sure if it acts as a Thread border router or not.

The Aeotec “works as a smartthings hub” Model is a Thread border router and supports zwave as well as Zigbee and WiFi. The manufacturer sells it through Amazon.

The smartthings station is a new hub model. It does support both zigbee and Thread as well as Wi-Fi and it is also a thread border router. But it does not support zwave.

Other than the protocol differences, I believe they all work in a similar way with the smartthings app.

So it really comes down to whether you want to be able to use zwave devices or not.

The Station doesn’t support z-wave, but does support Thread and Matter.

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Yes there’s been many discussions in the forum about the Station not supporting Z-wave, including with ST staff :sunglasses:

Thanks for the correction! I was really tired yesterday, and misspoke. I have fixed my post above.

Apologies for any confusion!

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