SmartThings HUB: What can you do "without" one?


Hello all,

I am new to ST and checking things out. I realize that Hub V2.0 release is going to be a couple of months away. I don’t want to invest in the current hub in the meanwhile given the short time frame. Is there anything one can do without the hub? Will any of the sensors work?

– SR

(Brian S. Lowrance) #2

No, you need the hub to talk to and relay information to/from the sensors.
I do not think you will be able to do anything without a SmartThings hub


Thanks Brian, i had a hunch that would be the case. Trying to tap into ST community wisdom here: what are majority ST wannabe’s going to do? Wait for the new hub :smile: ? Seems unwise to invest into the current HUB. Please advice.

(Geko) #4

You can do quite a lot, actually. I’ve been using ST for several month before I bought a hub. You won’t be able to use any Zigbee or ZWave sensors and switches. But you can use any device that uses cloud-to-cloud integration (e.g. Dropcam and Ecobee thermostat) or any number “virtual” devices. Also, your mobile phone works as a presence sensor without a hub and can receive notifications, etc.


Thanks Geko - very useful info! I have a nest at home, so I can try and integrate that - not sure what would be the need though — nest already has an app that solves most of my needs. BTW, What are examples of virtual devices?

(Geko) #6

A virtual weather station comes to mind, which basically pulls local weather fo your zip code from Wunderground. Another example is a virtual switch which can trigger IFTTT rule or can be triggered by IFTTT rule. There’s also a number of community-developed projects that integrate “things” or 3rd party services with ST cloud directly, without a hub.