SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

If v2 can guarantee that the whole system works as v1 should have then I’ll totally upgrade. Any more reliability would be amazing. So tired of having a dumb smart house that only listens half the time and does what it feels like doing.

@Ben Does this mean a local API for the hub?


In terms of making a “Person” richer it would be awesome to see the ability to define presence better. So I know my SO is home if her iPhone is home, but she’s also logged in on her iPad and that stays home a lot of the time. I should be able to say she’s only present if her phone is home without having to resort to hacks of different emails for the different devices.

Party on wayne.

My 2 cents…the new hub should have zwave for both the us and european frequencies…I used to live in the USA and now live in a “European” frequency country that is 220volts…I cannot buy 220v zwave devices that are us frequency and I also do not have access to the variety that is available for the european frequency…There is no european smarthings hub so all the zwave USA devices are now being rendered useless…or till I move back tho the USA…beside even if smarthings had a european hub…USA devices wont work on it…
the only devices that are needed are connected to the loads so wasting devices like motion sensors…proximity…multi sensor is such a waste…

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Couldn’t you create a new “user”, call it iPad, and have her log into that on her tablet? Or do modes only change when all users leave?

Yeah I could have a separate user (and I guess use email aliases?) for every device in our house as a workaround. But it just feels like a hack don’t you think? I mean this is sensor software and the software should model what’s going on in real life. In real life a Person has multiple devices but not all of them leave the house, so I’m just saying it would be nice to be able to say this person’s “presence” is defined by this device (or this set of devices) but not this other set of devices.

There are different modes. There’s a mode when I’m home but she’s not, there’s a mode when she’s home but I’m not, there’s a mode when we’re both home (we like the lighting and temperatures different and have a compromised scheme that we can both live with), and of course there are two of each of those for daytime and nighttime.

Maybe there’s a better way to do this, I’m not sure. It just seems like we shouldn’t need separate accounts/emails for each device, so that was my suggestion for the 2.0 features. :smile:


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I’m about to invest in home automation and SmartThings seems like a very good option …but I live in Europe and as long as SmartThings doesn’t support the European Zwave frequencies I can’t justify forking out my savings on it.

Please support your European friends in Version 2.0 :smile:

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DONE! Hub 2 realeased!! :smiley: Bluetooh, wifi,battery, better processor, and lot of good things


Cannot wait to see more details!

It’s not being released until Q2, so it’s at least 3 months away.

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Yeah, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s been announced, not released. :smile:

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Regional radio bandwidth regulators will never allow you to use out-of-region bands.

In other words, it is quite illegal to use a US frequency hub in Europe, and vice versa.

…CP / Terry.

What about taking the hub to Brazil? That illegal then, too?

Correct me if I am wrong but I dont think it is the regulators rather consortiums such a zwave alliance that manage these. Like I said I could be totally wrong. Wifi is on 2.4 and 5.5 and zigbee is on 2.4. Really dont see why zwave is so weird in choosing their different bandwidths. The could have all done one frequency…There should be one chip that covers all frequencies and that should be the end of it. Take it to which ever country one wants. In this day an age this does not make sense. I think it is possible the same as LTE. iphone sovers all frequencies EU, USA and all world in their phones…samsung on the other hand has european and usa models…so if the hub had one chip that covers all then it is upto the user to use that frequency…the same way I can take my phone anywhere in the world and it works…I dont ask USA to change their frequency…my phone has the capability so no law broken…

FCC, UL, CE, etc., etc. certifications are all very complex and differ greatly from one region to another.

I’m definitely no expert; but, indeed, importing two-way radio equipment from one country to another (unless it has been explicitly certified with the required bandwidths / tests / certifications for that country is very likely not permitted.

Some world-compatible cell phones are an exception, but that’s because the consumer doesn’t set the radio-bands that they operate on in the target countries: The local cell providers only send/receive on approved frequencies, thus your device will not violate local regulations

That is the general hangup SmartThings is encountering in entering international markets: I hear that CE certification in particular, is a pain: Where some countries allow you to be certified if you use all certified components, others require that you must also re-test / re-certify the entire unit as a whole.

So, indeed, like cell phones, SmartThings could maximize production efficiency and flexibility by providing chipsets that work on various selections of frequencies in one hub model. This, however, has hidden costs … and I think those costs include a more difficult certification process (and, as mentioned, possible Z-Wave, etc., license restrictions as well).

It’s only relatively recently that all cellphones became ‘multi-band’. Even 5 years ago, most cheap phones were ‘single-band’ or maybe ‘dual-band’. Also, phone radios are way more complex (and more expensive) than Z-Wave radios. It is unfortunate that unlike 2.4 GHz, the 900 MHz band used by Z-Way is not globally available, but that’s how it is. You can write petition to UN, if you think it may help :smile:

Heck, technically Q2 could be 5 months from now. Either way, I will “patiently” wait for 2.0

Was there any mention of pricing? I have yet to purchase a hub, so the timing almost perfect for me. Will those of you with existing hubs be upgrading?

Upgrading for me depends…
Price isn’t so much a factor, ability to migrate existing devices/smart apps is.
If I have to un-pair/re-pair every device and re configure every smart app I will probably hold off until I actually need the added features in V2.
Raw TCP sockets, AKA telnet features would be a cause for immediate purchase, I have two devices that would benefit from this immediately (Onkyo pre/pro and squeezebox)

I’m concerned that some of the features they are calling “premium” features with the new hub (and will require some kind of subscription) are things we can already do for free.

For example, I can already have my hub send a text message to a neighbor if a water/flood sensor trips. Is ST going to take away existing features in order to start charging for them?

Here’s a quote from the ST blog (in regards to the new hub) that prompted this concern:

This new service enables SmartThings customers to automatically send a text to or call friends, neighbors, or loved ones they pre-select whenever a problem is detected that needs immediate attention–such as a flood or fire

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@Tyler from SmartThings posted in the CES thread that this is a new feature set and they aren’t charging for existing features: