Jumping away from Smartthings

I’m guessing this is a fairly common topic but after a bit of searching I haven’t come across much that’s current.

While I can understand the use of small developers to support no-name sensors and switches (it’s a chore but it’s not impossible to write your own device handlers and set hardware up accordingly), what I don’t understand - or appreciate - is the lack of support for mainstream suppliers like Ring and the way that the new app is going. Given that it seems to be removing our ability to write and install our own handlers then surely it’s killing the whole concept behind smartthings? Not only that, but the huge delays in updating devices and the current reliance on a web connection for anything “custom” is really, really throttling my enthusiasm for what was once a fairly robust and interesting system.

Weighing up Hubitat vs going full geek and trying to get a working install of openHAB rolling. Any thoughts or opinions on current alternatives?

Forgive me, I’m confused. Given that there have been at least three active threads on this topic in the last month, what is it that you think isn’t current in the existing discussions? I’m just having a hard time figuring out what information you feel isn’t already being covered.





You joined this forum 9 months ago, you’ve visited this forum 4 times and this is your only post.



why troll? is he the only one who disappointed with smartthings?
I’m experiencing hardware problems on my connect home pro for more than a month, including level 3 support ticket still open, z-wave module failure (ordered new unit and waiting for replacement of old one) and 3rd time rebuilding everything. and even order Hubitat (not that I know what to do with it and not that I’ll disconnect from samsung).
I think we just forgetting that all those systems just in the beginning. and we expecting too much.
which took me 25 years back to OS/2 and early Windows… It takes time to build reliable solutions



…cloud dependency in not new, if anything, SmartThings showed that they are aware of the importance of local processing and have made progress in that direction more recently. Hue bridge runs local, most devices can run local. So yes, if not full troll, definitely borderline trollish.

@Zach_Varberg said it better than I would…