Switching to Hub 2.0

This is my first post so go easy on me.

Not sure if this has been covered before, but I was just wondering what will be the process when hub 2.0 comes out as far as smart apps and devices already associated with the first hub. Will we be able to just “copy” everything over or will we need to start from scratch. I Like smartthings alot and like the idea of have data stored on the hub instead of solely in the cloud. But my main concern is all the hard work in creating different rules and all the other smart apps I have in place.

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Very valid question, and there’s a chance that SmartThings is not 100% certain of what the “upgrade” process will be; but I have confidence they know it will have to be painless.

Most (99% … or 100%) of the “environment” is stored in the Cloud (the SmartApps, Device preferences, etc.), and thus will still exist regardless of what hub you are using.

So switching should be seamless… Unless, rare possibility: Perhaps some devices might be tied to the specific Z-Wave, ZigBee and/or MAC and/or IP address of your old hub. That’s the part I’d like to understand better; i.e., is this a risk, or am I just clueless?

I was one of the early Kickstarter backers that received a hub whose power connector broke … I was immediately sent another one (thanks, SmartThings!), and it easily connected to my account (it used the same account code), but unfortunately, I cannot recall how much work I needed to do to reconnect devices. I am pretty sure I needed to do some (some Z-Wave connection issues, maybe, or a Z-Wave “repair”?), but not all. I’m optimistic that V2 will have a streamlined process, except for things like Z-Wave secondary controllers…

…CP / Terry.

Thats good to know, i have about 45 devices mainly bulbs which is why im concerned.

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I sure hope that moving to Hub 2.0 is seamless - I was thinking of all the stuff I would have to un-pair and re-pair, rename, rebuild groups, actions. YIKES. Like most, I imagine, the system I have built slowly over time. Having to rebuild it all in one shot would be MASSIVE pain