SmartThings Hub Version 2.0

Rechargeable batteries might keep it up long enough to send you a message that the power went out. Things are becoming more and more dependent on the internet. After a certain point it’s just prudent to make sure that your routers and HA hubs are all on 650-750 battery backups. These are relatively inexpensive investments to make sure your home is always connected. If you have a technical background check out PFSense. It will not only allow you to have a redundant 3g/4g internet connection, but it can load balance as well. I have it running on a small server that is backed up by batteries. All of the internet connected hubs are on battery as well. It would take something really catastrophic to knock my house off of the internet.

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Lutron Clear Connect…as I read that Alex and Ben use these in their own houses :blush: presently… Pre-production Hub 2.0​:speak_no_evil: in use…

I already have ZigBee Quickset doorlocks. V1 doesn’t support them, will V2?

Is it an hardware issue with V1?

@Ben Is there anyone else I can talk to if you’re too busy to put something together?

I don’t know if it is a hardware issue, but it only lists the Zwave version of the Kwickset door locks and when I emailed support, they indicated that they did not support any ZigBee locks.

If Support says Zigbee locks are not supported, it could mean that there is no device handler for it. Are you able to pair the device with the hub?

I’m currently a Revolv user with over half of my devices Insteon. So, Insteon support would really be super awesome.

I’m eagerly waiting to see how the v2 hub will turn out as local processing of basic lighting/outlet schedules is very important to me. …I could live without Insteon support, if I had to, but that would mean that I’d keep my Revolv plugging along until it just couldn’t anymore as I slowly find Z-wave replacements for my Insteon gear.

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@Ben I have a question about Bluetooth and geo-fencing. Since the iOS mobile presense is completely unreliable on my wife’s iPhone, Bluetooth is intriguing to me. However, normally with Bluetooth, you can’t pair more than one device at a time. How will this work with multiple phones in the house. Does it pair and temporarily connect and then disconnect? What if both devices come home at the same time?

Too soon (for me) to know. I am sure some of these details will start coming out in the coming weeks though.

Will it support zigbee 3.0 standard coming out?

Buy a Belkin WeMo outlet switch. They work on their own through your WiFi and you can use their WeMo App to switch your ST hub off and back on from anywhere. Just keep it setup separate from ST.

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I don’t think there is/will be any upgrade plan. The old Hub will continue to work for the foreseeable future. I suspect we’re looking at 4-6 months until the hub is common place. ST has hinted it will be 1st quarter (meaning March 31st at the latest), but deadlines often slip.

I suspect the new hub will be in the $100-$200 range, so a $100 investment that is done in 4-6 months kinda sucks… I dunno.

For users with a few lamp modules, I can see how introducing a newer better hub for $100-200 will be disappointing, however for users with $1000+ in modules, switches, sensors, etc $100-200 is somewhat of a “drop in the bucket”.

Considering that the new hub will still require the cloud, but offer offline processing of some actions, I have a hard time believing that Hub 1.0 won’t continue to offer the same or better level of service heading into the near future (1-3 years). However, I’ve had my hub for a little less than a month, and I’m anxious to get Hub 2.0, even if that means my initial $100 hub only lasted me 1-4 months. I enjoy the customization offered with smartapps, however for something as simple as turning on a light switch when motion is detected, I want that functionality to be as near instant as possible, so I want offline processing.

EDIT: My only hope is that SmartThings leverages it’s Samsung connection to make the new hub as flexible/robust as possible. I’m not expecting an Exynos processor with 3GB of RAM, but a “more than adequate” processor with a “generous amount” of RAM would be appreciated, rather than spec’ing out the unit to accommodate only what’s needed now in order to target the lowest procepoint imaginable. I’d rather see Hub (1.0) continue at $99 or lower and Hub Pro (2.0) come out at $199 with dramatically better specs, than see a merely warmed over Hub (2.0) at $99 with the bare minimums to allow for (limited) offline processing (of a tightly limited number of smartapps). Just because you started work on Hub 2.0 prior to the acquisition doesn’t mean you can’t increase some simple specs like memory now that you have Samsung answering your calls.


So would we be able to use our version 1.0 as a 2nd GeoFense and a signal extender while all the other devices connect to the 2.0 hub?


I was thinking the same. Will Hub 1 work with Hub 2?

With the Wink and Vera Edge both supporting Zwave Plus, I would be surprised if the Hub 2.0 does not support Zwave Plus.

If the Hub 1.0 would be used as extender, Zwave Plus devices connecting through the Hub 1.0 would fall back to the Zwave (non Zwave Plus) protocol.

I just noticed today a new field when looking at my hub in the IDE under My Hubs - “Hardware Version” with the value “hub v1, US customer”. Maybe an announcement isn’t too far off, as well as perhaps a firmware upgrade. If there’s a beta going on I’d love to participate.

I’ve been using hub v1 since January 2014 with over 100 devices of all sorts, primarily zwave,but some zigbee (GE bulbs mainly). Hub v1 has served me very well, and I really don’t seam to be having all the difficulties others have had. Perhaps it’s because my mesh is large and/or I don’t do Sonos,IP stuff, or other hubs for lights.

I’m looking forward to next-gen zwave and zigbee support, plus local processing and performance, as well as stability. For me, I do plan on moving my devices over to v2, so I sure hope there will be some kind of migration utility/solution. Once the new hub is released I hope ST’s next focus will be on an app refresh


Can we expect some official news at CES?

FWIW- I’ve mounted mine on the ceiling of an under-stair media closet- seems to work fine that way.