Smartthings Hub V3 in South Africa

Hi, I am very keen to get a smartthings Hub v3 from the UK as they have the same Z-wave frequency as South Africa. Will this hub work in South Africa?, Someone said that Samsung geoblocks the account setup so you can buy the hub but I won’t be able to set it up?

I don’t have personal experience with the Ver 3 hub (I’m using a Ver 2 in SA), but I’ve read somewhere that a UK hub works fine outside the UK area, once it has been activated. However, the activation has to be done within the UK area. There was no such issue with the Ver 2 hub and I’ve not seen any explanation why Samsung introduced the regional restriction.
Vodacom’s SA offer the Ver 3 hub as part of the V-Home security system. (It is advertised on their website). Not that I’ll voluntarily consider the headache of migrating to a new hub, but I was curious to know if that hub is in any way limited in its functionality. I was unable to find a decisive answer.
There was some discussion on this forum about the V-Home security system and the general perception appears to be that the hub (sold with the V-Hom system) is not limited in any way, apart from that it requires a Vodacom V-Home subscription. The hub will stop functioning if the subscription lapses.

If you live in South Africa, don’t buy the Smarththings hub, it will just be a brick. I bought one from Builders warehouse branded with Vodacom packaging and what a waste of time, spent so much money and now it can’t even be used.

It really upsets me that I spent so much money on the starter pack with a camera and sensors from a well known company like Builders and Vodacom, and now no one can help me and don’t even know what the product is.

Don’t buy a Smartthings hub in South africa, with Vodacom or Vodafone branding on it, no support no accessories just a waste of you hard earned money :angry: