SmartThings Hub V2 now available for pre-order

When can SmartThings V2 be expected to be available? I read somewhere Q3, near the end of Q3, beginning of Q3, and May/June. I would love to test out this product before purchasing another one & gifting it to someone for Christmas 2015.

It’s definitely before May/June…

We talking about May/June 2016? Pfffhahaha

So my Amazon order was updated to show a delivery date ranging from 1 to 4 months. I’m really hoping this isn’t accurate. I didn’t mess with sending an email to get the bundle as I had already ordered, but now I’m reconsidering if it means I can get it faster. Estimated delivery between October 1st and December 16th is a… big difference.

As usual @JDRoberts beats me to an answer. This blog post is pretty informative too:

I just caught the end of the IFA VIDEO FOR SmartThings, but what I did catch was…

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Available In The Us Today And The UK As Of Next Week

Hub v2 news at the IFA event in Berlin

IFA 2015 article

vimeo video links

@ben I’m afraid to even ask, but for those of us on the pre-order deal, do we have an ETA on shipping now that it’s officially released

Should ship in a matter of hours.


Woohoo! Awesome news. Thanks @ben

Was there ever any resolution for those of us who wanted to do the pre-order code, but it was sold out before we got it?

Hi, do you know if a harmony home control could replace the minimote? (in case my internet fails and I would like to have some control for the lights and some switches)

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Because you need internet to communicate to cloud-connected devices, the Harmony Home Control won’t work without internet.


Thank you for your answer!. So, minimote it is. Now, just waiting for my preorder of amazon to be shipped :S

I never got the new loyal customer offer but I did get the email this morning about the updated app and v2 launch so clearly Smarthings knows how to contact me.

I guess I’m not loyal enough.

Pretty crappy experience.

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Did you sign up with Support to be put on the “list” of V1 users, that’s the only way you would get the new offer.

Same here @Buzzatronic. I never received an email offer for loyal customer on the Hub V2. I’ve been using SmartThings for about two years now. So I emailed @April two weeks ago like she suggested on the post. She said she’ll look into it and another offer email will go out soon. I’m still waiting. Try emailing April.

Yes. You were to contact support and they would get you an individual claim code for a new offer.

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