SmartThings Hub No Longer on Amazon?

Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation page on says:

Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers).

It does’t say whether it’s been sold out or when it will be available. The Home Monitoring Kit is still available though. Have they stopped selling stand-alone hubs?

Or maybe it’s really good news, and means that they’re going to enable the Bluetooth antenna, and they are holding back hub shipments until they’ve decided in which case they would enable the Bluetooth antenna prior to sale.

I’m not saying that is true, but we can always hope. :sunglasses:

Of course it might also just be that their supply-chain was in someway disrupted by the Japanese earthquakes. That’s happening to a lot of companies right now, even ones you wouldn’t expect it from. Even just a testing lab not being available can cause delays. I know Samsung is a Korean company, but they could use some Japanese services or parts just as US companies do.

Last week a Hub on Amazon Warehouse deals was listed for $84. Nothing as of today :frowning:

Hmm, and SDC is right around the corner. Coincidence?


Sold out online at Best Buy as well…

watched the keynote and nothing obvious there… quite the opposite they are saying about the importance of ST.
Only point was about Artik and more specifically Artik cloud which seemed to both conflict and complement ST. The demo video showed it connected as a rules engine doing things but seamlessly integrated with ST.

Artik Cloud discussion here:

Back in stock at both Amazon and Best Buy, may just have been a supply-chain hiccup.

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Thanks for that
I’ll have a read in morning

Well… guess what? The SmartThings hub is not available on Amazon again. Out of stock? Who knows. Amazon says it’s only available from the 3rd-party sellers.