Smartthings Hub intergration with Legrand Adorne Products?

My house is currently installed with Legrand Adorne switches and outlets. About half of them are wireless being controlled with a LC7001 Legrand Hub. I also have a Smartthings Hub and have just recently started installing some z-wave modules on the non wireless Legrand switches. Can I integrate both hubs to control my wireless Legrand switches through the ST hub? For instance, if I had movement by a motion detector, to turn on a Legrand wireless switch. I can do it with the z-wave modules but is there any way to do it all through the ST hub?

The short answer would be unfortunately no, because Legrand uses its own proprietary communications protocol which is not available through SmartThings.

The long answer is much more complicated. Legrand does have an integration with Samsung’s Artik cloud for the LC7001 controller, so theoretically it should be possible to use the artik cloud service to create an integration with SmartThings, although the interface might end up being controlled through Artik not through the SmartThings app. Like I said, it’s complicated.

Most people in this forum are not using Artik Services because they aren’t needed with the native smartthings hub. As long as you are using devices with compatible network protocols. But a few people have in the past, and have generally been told that if they needed any help on that they would need to contact Artik support.

(Things are also further complicated by the fact that Samsung has just released a new mobile app this month but it is not yet fully functional in terms of the smart things features.)

So my suggestion would be that you start from the LeGrand side and talk to them about their Artik Implementation.

@jody.albritton might be able to find an Artik support resource for you, i’m not sure.

So I actually feel moderately hopeful that this may be able to be done, I just don’t know of anyone who has done it and I think it may all feel like exploring unknown territory if you do start looking into it. Some people enjoy that kind of project, some people find it frustrating, so I’m not sure if it’s something you would want to pursue or not.

I added my Artik cloud account to my ST hub and all my Legrand devices now show up in the ST app! I created a motion routine with some rules to turn on certain Legrand lights and it saved it. I will test it when I get home but it looks like this will work.

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Artik and its platform will eventually become part of SmartThings. There is a lot of work being done now to bring over their tech stack and integrations. I don’t have a migration timeline, but can say they are working on it daily.

Any update?

I am about to finish my basement and really want adorne switches.

I used to have paddle hacked aeon microswitches and it worked fine, but doesn’t work with dimmer…

@kcampbell I’m in the same situation as you with Adorne dimmers and wanting to control from smartthings devices. Did you get it to work? Thanks for your advice!

@jody.albritton do you know where to get current info about ARTIK and smartthings cloud integration? I contacted both companies and their tech support was not aware of the other. Has integration been silently canned!

I have the same goals as @kcampbell in his original post.

I just bought the smartthings 2018 hub, but discovered it can’t pair with the older iOS app, bd the newer app does not seem to know about ARTIK. Any clues on getting unstuck?


@kcampbell Are you familiar with IKEA’s tradfri smart lighting?

I would like to control an Adorne wall plug dimmer (floor lamp) from a dimmer remote device on a table. Ikea tradfri has the right dimmer:

I was hoping to connect tradfri to ARTIK (or to smartthings to ARTIK). But it seems that these cloud services do not interconnect well or at all?

I’m new to this, and was hoping for a smoother discovery / pairing / interoperability landscape…

My house is similarly wired. I have lots of “WiFi ready” Legrand Adorne (LA) switches that can be controlled locally through a Legrand Adorne Hub (LH) using an Android app.

The same app may also be used to control lights remotely through the Artik Cloud (AC). You need to set this integration up through the app.

Once remote access works, you can extend this access to other ecosystems.

I have my AC (-LH-LA) devices integrated with Google Home (GH) and SmartThings (ST). From ST, I can control/automate these devices (almost) like any other.

For example, Z-Wave detected motion would be detected by the ST hub and make ST automation in the ST cloud aware of it. If such wanted to control a LA light, it would do so through a cloud connector to the AC. The AC would then forward the request through your LH and to your LA switches. The reverse path is travelled to update switch state in ST.