Smartapp - go to url to control Legrand Adorne whole-house lighting

I have Legrand Adorne whole-house lighting which unfortunately uses a proprietary communication system and therefore does not allow for out-of-the-box integration with a z-wave hub. I’m hoping to use my Smartthings hub to control my Adorne setup by creating a SmartApp that would have virtual buttons that upon ‘pressing’ them would go to a url that correspond to the scenes and zones on the Legrand Event Controller (RFLC) e.g. Looking for the code that would be used to do this.

I don’t think anyone’s done this integration as of yet.
The command you’re looking for however is hubAction:
hubaction link in the developers documentation

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@jjcole23, how did this turn out? I’m considering the Legrand switches, as well, so very interested in SmartThings integration.

I’ll be giving this a try in a couple months when I do my kitchen backsplash and switch over to Adorne for outlets and switches. On the surface it should be fairly simple to setup one way communication of smartthings to the legrand controller. I’ll update this thread when I get my project completed.

So any luck?

Sorry, I’ve been working on other things around the house. I just ordered a couple of wireless master switches and the control hub. The switch is back-ordered so it will still be some time before I get it installed and start looking at how Legrands hub works.

No problem no obligation obviously. I wish they would just make a wave adorne products. Although I already have a lot of my house fitted with adorne so unless I was willing to swap them out it wouldn’t do me much good. A proprietary hub just for lighting is a no go for me, I already have a harmony and a smartthings hub.

Any update on this? Has anyone been able to get Legrand up and running with SmartThings?

In theory it’s possible, but was beyond my subject matter expertise to do. However, I did read a press release from Legrand that they plan to launch Amazon Alexa support, which gives me hope that I can leverage this for SmartThings ( I just hope this works with the legacy whole-house lighting system and not just the new Wi-Fi system.

I’m not sure if this encompasses everything they are planing but a new Hub/app update added remote support using Samsung’s Artik Cloud. I was able to sync my exhaust fan switch from Artik to Smart things but while it did appear to work fine initially it doesn’t appear to be receiving the state status correctly. I’ll have to see if the device type they’re using is in the repository.

Looks promising -

Just set ARTIK up with Legrand and can now control lights with Echo. However, all the scheduled events stopped working. If I put the hub on the public side of my firewall it works, but then the phone app can only connect in remote mode. Seems, if you use the ARTIK cloud website or use the events in the Legrand app, the commands are initiated from ARTIK cloud (and in my case is blocked by the firewall).

Anyone know what ports/IPs that ARTIK cloud uses (or NAT rule) that I would need to put in place to get this to work again?

Hi Mark, unfortunately I do not know the ports/IPs that ARTIK cloud uses. Which model Legrand Event Controller were you able to setup with ARTIK, the newer LC7001 or older LC6001? James.

  1. By adding a source NAT rule, that seems to have fixed most of it. I
    can now set up rules and send manual commands from the ARTIK cloud website,
    but the Legard app scheduling still doesn’t work… But I do see when I set
    up scene, it adds a new device with just an execute command, but at the
    time scheduled in the Legard app it never runs.