Legrand Switches, Artik Cloud

Anyone has issues with syncing legrand/adorne switches to smartthings? I have to reload artik account from the legrand app once in while to get all the switches back on my st and actiontiles. Thanks for any info.

@Steckiewicz hope you found a solution. I have used Legrand Adorne dimmers with ARTIK cloud (enabling Alexa etc) for a while. I just got a smartthings hub (v3 2018), and cannot seem to connect ARTIK cloud. The new hub cannot connect to smartthings Classic app. It requires the new app, which does not connect to ARTIK.

I’m wondering whether to return the smartthings products or wait for ARTIK support.

A few questions for you.

  1. Do you use a smartthings button (physical device) or similar to control your Adorne dimmers? How does the response time feel?
  2. Have you successfully controlled Adorne dim level from smartthings devices, and if so, what ST devices did you use?


By the way, others may be interested to know:

  • I did get my 2018 smartthings button to turn on/off an Adorne light. I went smartthings to ifttt to ARTIK to Adorne. But it’s not usable. It takes a few seconds at least.

Hi Ren,

I was able to figure it out what was the issue… the issue was that i renamed my switches on artik cloud and it was a conflict with smartthings. Also i think you need to have static IP address. Once i rest all… went back to normal. Below are responses to your questions.

  1. No i do not use smarttings button. I have legrand hub and used legrand app to setup all the switches and scenes.
  2. i installed the artik cloud app on smartthing classic app. Dimmers and switches automatically brought to smartthings app. there is barely any delay. there is a delay on action tile thou.

I have new Hub V3 and it works fine with legrand switches … not sure why its not working for you.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the confirmation that it works on hub v3 for you. from your note I realized I could connect ARTIK cloud to smartthings via the classic app. And I see them in the new app where I also have the hub v3. The problem is that all my Adorne switches and dimmers in the new app are disabled. They say “Checking status…” forever. The same devices show up in the classic app and are functional, but the smartthings button doesn’t appear there.

Did you ever encounter an endless “checking status” on Adorne devices in your new smartthings app?

Hi Ren,

I just checked and yes I have the same issue on new app. On classic app works fine. I dont use new app at all, just classic and action tiles. All the scenes and setups I use legrand app.

Thanks, Mike.

ST seems pretty unstable currently.

FYI, I did manage to get the smartthings button to control an Adorne switch. It is slow (takes 3-5 seconds to respond), but is stable and reliable for the last day. I have single press control on/off and double press to change the dim level between two levels. It was quite a hack using only consumer UI between too many services. It goes ST to IFTTT to Artik to Adorne. And it still doesn’t (cannot) even do exactly what I want: click on/off, double click set to 100% and hold down to cycle the dim level.

Perhaps there is a way to code this up, but I have not checked out custom DH at this point.