[OBSOLETE]Legrand Elliot, lc701 hub, artik cloud

According to legrand website Smart Lightings Controls from the radiant® Collection” is compatible with over a hundred ecosystems (Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings and many others). How do you connect to smartthings? It was working fine via artik cloud now since transition to legrand eliot i have no control. I invested so much money into this and lost it all in one day…need help

You’ll need to ask Legrand support. They had said there would be some ongoing options for their customers after the Artik cloud shut down this year, but it’s done from their side and I haven’t heard exactly what they are. :disappointed_relieved:

They have a special contact number in their transition FAQ:


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I just sent an email to smartlights@legrand.us about this topic and will let you know what they say. I highly recommend you email them, as well. . . they have been very responsive and helpful in the past, and they may raise the priority on Smartthings integration if enough people reach out to them.


SmartThings (in partnership with the device vendors / manufacturers) have really stepped up the pace of integrations. The new API simplifies “Cloud-to-Cloud” based integrations, for example. In the New SmartThings App, you can browse to see a large number of brands listed. My belief is that a brand like LeGrand will step up and work on a new compatible integration - hopefully sooner than later.

You should contact LeGrand customer support to encourage this.


I heard back from Legrand, and none of it is good news. There are no plans in the pipeline to support SmartThings once ARTIK Cloud shuts down. I also asked if there’s public access to the Legrand Cloud API so that we could design our own integrations, and was told that public access is not provided.

I’m sure there’s a way around this using Alexa or Google Home, but that shouldn’t stop us from reaching out to Legrand and continuing to push for official support: smartlights@legrand.us


Thank you for the update. This really disappointing!

It is “pretty easy” (unless LeGrand has a screwy infrastructure, which they probably don’t if they were able to get ARTIK working).

SmartThings is counting on the market to force companies to adapt.

If all these brands (and several more pages worth [this is alphabetical to letter “D”] - including super-cheap TP-Link KASA as a cloud-to-cloud example, and counting…) are able to integrate, it’s LeGrand who is being left behind. It’s up to LeGrand customers to vote with their dollars (or at least get on the record with LeGrand’s Support).

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As @Jayhead13 said, Legrand will not provide an API to their cloud (I think we reached out to the same people at Legrand). Having installed their Alexa skill that integrates with Eliot cloud, it’s been very unreliable also.

However, there’s good news and bad news…

Good news 1: Someone (found code online) has written code a while ago to integrate LC7001 with Apple HomeKit using socket API (you can basically telnet to the Legrand hub and issue commands, that’s how Legrand integrates with Control4, RTI, and other “big names”). This was reverse-engineered as the socket API is not published, but it looks like this API has not changed in years.

Good news 2: I spent the last week learning SmartThings app development, and wrote SmartApp and device handlers that work with Legrand hub directly, bypassing the cloud altogether. It’s been working fine for the last few days, much better than the Eliot cloud-based solution (I removed the Legrand Alexa skill and instead connected Alexa to SmartThings using my own device handlers, much more stable). At least that’s my experience…

Bad news 1: SmartThings API doesn’t work with sockets at all, so there needs to be a “man in the middle” to translate REST API that SmartThings DOES support into socket calls. So I ended up writing a node.js app to take Rest commands form the ST hub and send/receive commands to/from Legrand hub. This means you’ll need another “always-on” machine to run the web server (I use my NAS, but you can also use Raspberry Pi, or whatever else you have).

Bad news 1.5: I’m not a Javascript person, so I’m sure the web server code sucks. Will put it out on GitHub once I have time to write up some documentation and figure out how opensourcing works.

Bad news 2: Since you kind of have to know your way around web servers, IP addresses and such, this unfortunately limits potential install base since I don’t have time to provide any tech support.

All that said, if you’re like me (invested a ton of money into Legrand switches, want to make it work again, and comfortable dealing with undercooked source code), PM me and I’ll send you a link to the GitHub repo before any documentation is ready, with the understanding that:

  • you will provide feedback,
  • you will contribute back with any bug fixes, code optimizations, etc.
  • most importantly, help with the node.js part
  • bonus points for rewriting the web server part in Python (I didn’t have time to learn the async features provided by Python 3, and Python 2 multithreaded development has left me scarred before).

Congrats! I’m sure a lot of people will be interested. :sunglasses:

As far as “bad news number one“, yeah, there are a lot of people who have had to set up “man in the middle” servers for various integrations, including lightwave RF, Lutron ( that integration allows use of the pico remote with smartthings, which the official cloud to cloud integration does not), tplink, Insteon, X10, a bunch of others. It is what it is.

You can find some of the others by going to the community – created wiki and looking on the supported protocols page. There’s a section there for projects which used a local server, although I don’t think it’s been kept up-to-date.



Thanks. Found someone’s Lutron Python “man in the middle” script, which I’m much more comfortable with. But, node.js already works for me, and looks like folks using this are technical anyway, so I’ll probably just leave it as “path of least resistance” unless it starts acting out in the next few days.


I added a basic Readme and opened up the repo. Will add a bit more functionality later (adding/removing switches after the initial config for one, maybe some others).


Last that I checked here, there was no offered solution. Like @Matt_K1, I looked to make my own.

It consists of a SmartThings Cloud part …

… and a LAN part

The connection between the two is standard UPnP. The upnp-things part puts a UPnP face on the Legrand hub but is architected so that it can be extended to support more things. It works much better than the ARTIK cloud did for me.

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Can it be done on windows 10 pc?

You should be able to run upnp-things on Windows 10. You will need git, nodejs and npm. Follow instructions on github.

I’ve noticed that after the latest hub upgrade (4.0.3), the hub doesn’t communicate to switches reliably. It will say the switch is on when it’s not, or will fail to toggle a switch. Seemingly at random. Has anyone else noticed this?

Any updates ?