Smartthings hub - devices are connected but are offline

The problem started this afternoon, devices kept going off line, i have rebooted the hub on a number of occasions . On one occasion all devices came online but went off line soon after. I have read this
I am not sure what’s happening.
Some lights have stayed on and the wifi switches are in between walls, so resetting will be a pain.
I now see the disadvantage of having wifi switches and relying on an external cloud to provide the automation. Perhaps I need to bin the hub! Very frustrating!

First - don’t reset anything yet. Many people panic and do more harm than good randomly resetting things.

Specifically which devices. Model number matters. (there’s various ways things connect so commonalities between failing devices help determine what’s going on.)

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No I haven’t. I have yet again rebooted the hub and a lot of the devices have come back online. Three motion sensors (2 x in the garage + 1 in the kitchen ) have not come online. All sensors and switches are Sonoff Zigbees.

any changes to your wifi recently? Also what version hub do you have and what firmware is your hub running?

No changes to wifi. I have disconnected and swopped the RJ45 cable on a few occasions, rebooted the AP and I have checked in my Unify controller, all working good.
V3 - 000.032.00012

ok its not new firmware - you dont have 39.x yet.

give those sensors a bit and see if they come back on their own - if they dont you can force a zigbee heal by taking your hub completely down (power off, no battery if you’re on a v.2) and wait at least 20 minutes. the end devices panic and start hunting for neighbors and reset their routes. if that doesnt do it, you may need repeaters.

Thanks, it looks like they are all coming back on line

A quick update on why (i think) the problem happened. I put my Raspberry Pi and the hard drive on top of the hub. I think the magnets from HD or some other component from RPi was interfering with hub. As soon I moved the RPi and HD on to a next shelf all devices slowly came back online. I have not had the above problem since then.
It will be interesting to know whether anybody else have had similar experience!
Thanks Nathan for you help!

Probably the USB

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can you explain pl?

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Wow, that’s interesting!