SmartThings Hub constantly disconnecting/reconnecting

My Hub is disconnecting / reconnecting every day since I switched to a new router.
Once every day I get “SmartThings is offline” and 10min later “SmartThings is online” messages on my phone.

This is what my events inside the hub look like:

I feel like I searched the whole wide web now. I have the Fritz!Box 6591 Cable. But inside it’s events there are no such disconnects. I don’t want to reset my whole hub - there is just too many work in it.

What can I do? Any suggestions on what to change inside the fritz box or the hub?

Try changing the ethernet cable

I am connected via Wi-Fi.

Try connecting via ethernet cable, if that solves the issue then you know where to start looking


most likely it is due to wifi like rboy said, but if it isnt then try temporarily connecting the hub directly to the modem via ethernet and see if the issue goes away. if so then your router is the issue.

Check your router settings, make sure it is not set to restart everyday.
But I would defiantly suspect the router.
Also you could maybe use a speed connection test site that you can do a 24 hour scan.
I think DSLreports used to have a long term test that checks ISP connection at mutable times.

Check your device list on the router for ip conflicts.
If you have any change the dhcp range to something else.
Some routers are bad at releasing previously used ips.

Thanks guys. So it has definitely to do with the Wi-Fi; running via cable was working fine.
So now I’m trying to figure out why it’s not working via Wi-Fi.

In FritzBox OS it’s set to always keep the same IP (
and all ports can be opened by the hub itself. I connected to the 2,4GHz network to minimize problems.

Is there anything else I can do?