SmartThings Hub and a Zigbee Device

How can we connect zigbee device to the smartthing hub?

Also if the zigbee device sent a event too smartthing hub then how will that event be sent to the webhook?

Please tell in terms of using API for all these to happen.

We have created a Samsung OAuth login for smarthing where we have also given a webhook url where we will receive events from smartthing if we subscribe to any trigger(for ex:- state change in device)

There needs to be an Edge driver installed on the hub that supports your Zigbee device. If there is a ST stock driver available, it will be installed when you add the device via the ST mobile app. If not, you would need a community developed driver that you install on the hub.

Once you’ve added your device to the hub, the Edge driver receives Zigbee messages from the device and creates events that are published to the ST platform to be consumed by the mobile app, CLI, Advanced Web App, 3rd party tools, etc. If your smart app is subscribed for that device and event, your webhook would be invoked.


Hi, @Mohit_Gupta998

@h0ckeysk8er summarized everything correctly, way to go Bruce!

Please, let us know if you have any issues connecting a device or if you’re not receiving events despite it’s already connected.
The subscription is issued when there’s a change in the attribute/capability/status you’re subscribed to if the flag stateChangeOnly is set to “true” but you can receive all events even if the status didn’t change if that flag is set to “false”.