Can't set Home Monitor response for text messages

In the Home Monitor, you can setup who will get text messages. However, after I set up the response, I close smartthings, reopen it and the response is gone. I’m on a Galaxy phone. Smartthings support wants me to uninstall Home Monitor and the app. I’m not willing to do it every time I open a ticket. However, if I am really the only one, then maybe. Text messaging through a regular routine works fine. Is this issue wide spread?

Just tried this and yes, I am having the same issue. This was setup up a long time ago for me and my wife’s phone and now it is gone. Not sure when this problem started.

using Galaxy S22 Ultra Ver

I have seen this for a very long time. I’m using iOS. Good news is STHM does send responses to the users you selected (but don’t show).

I believe there was a previous thread on this topic.

Testing shows that we are not getting the text messages.

Tested this just now with one of my leak sensors and got a Push notification but no text message that I used to get as well. Or at least I think I got both but it’s been a long time. I’m fine with it as long as the push notification works.

The issue is if you want to text people who aren’t members of your home.

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I agree, If I remember correctly, I had this set up to text my son in case we were on vacation.

It was working for a long time and then stopped. Can’t really tell when, maybe 6 months ago? I reported to support probably 1-2 months ago and they had me do some steps to try and resolve which didn’t work, but then said it should be fixed in the next app release. That update has come and gone and still not working as I expected. I’m on a Pixel 6a.

Support communication and process is even worse than it was in the past. Truly awful.

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Totaly agree


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FYI I just checked and can set this now. Assume it came along with the most recent app update.

Still doesn’t work for me. Did you close the app fully and restart it to check?

I actually had it trigger a send and saw the SMS come through. I’m on version

And it shows up in the app? Which service did you use to check with? I did smoke.

Yes, it shows up after closing an reopening the app. I did with security. I don’t have smoke so can’t test with that, but just did with leak and that one didn’t work. I can “Done” through it, but doesn’t survive.

So only a half fix… arghh…

All - I don’t normally post - but I had this issue too and found the solution. The screens are poorly designed.

If you go to “Set response” - “Send text message” and do not click “Done” - upper right - accept the screen that comes up attesting this is you mobile number you are texting to - and then click “Done” on the next screen - it will NOT retain your contact or text number. I kept just hitting the back arrow - top left and it would not retain that contact/number. Once I did the Done - Done - it retained the contact info.

I then tested a sensor and it worked. In received both a push notification and text.

Of course you need to opt in to Samsung texts too. From you mobile.

Hope this helps some people. I’m on a iPhone using ver 1.7 of SmartThings and I did the texting through Leaks. [quote=“Wajo357, post:15, topic:262384, full:true”]
So only a half fix… arghh…