Smartthings/Home Assistant integration error message

When I try to integrate smartthings I receive error message “Le flux de configuration n’a pas pu être chargé” (The configuration flow could not be loaded).
I tried with duckdns and also home assistant cloud but without any success.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Could it be related to Version 2021.3 smartthings integration breaks · Issue #47449 · home-assistant/core · GitHub where the config flow error was a result of not having configured an external URL?

I know nothing about HA, I just Googled, so I can’t add any insight.

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I am not sure because I configured an external URL correctly but since that, I cannot add the integration. But it is strange because before the installation of external url I could click on this integration.

@cedric_bailleul, you will have better chances if you ask the same question on the HA community forum, or post an issue on GitHub regarding the integration.